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22 Apr

Belly fat is more than a pain in the belt-line, it can also be severely harmful to our health, with visceral fat being linked to type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Losing fat from this area can often be difficult and long-winded, we’ve got 10 effective tips to help you lose the un-wanted belly fat to look and feel your best.

1 – Eat Plenty on FIBRE

Fibre absorbs water and forms a gel-like covering that slows the food absorption through your digestive system. Therefore you are more likely to feel fuller to longer as your tummy takes longer to empty. As a result you’re more likely to reduce the amount of calories.

  • Flaxseeds

  • Brusssel Sprouts

  • Avocados

  • Legumes

  • Blackberries

Are all GREAT sources of FIBRE.


2 – Avoid Trans-Fats

These are un-natural fats found in margarines and some spreads. These fats have been linked to increased inflammation, heart disease, diabetes and abdominal fat gain – with one study showing increases of 33% more abdominal fats on a diet high in trans-fats.

This does NOT mean going ‘low fat’ but thinking about the

Look out for labels with trans-fats or partially hydrogenated fats on and avoid these.


3 – Alcohol

I know – you want to enjoy life and enjoy a

drink or 6. Actually, alcohol can have some health benefits, in small amounts. But it’s been observed that heavy alcohol consumption and binge drinking can lead to an increase in belly fat. In a study of over 2000 people those who averaged less than 1 alcoholic drink every day had less belly fat than people who consumed alcohol less often but had more alcohol on the occasions they drank.
Cutting down (not cutting out) can help reduce your waist size (ever heard of a beer belly).


4 – Eat More Protein

Protein is mentioned a lot a round weight loss, this is because much like fibre protein can increase the feeling of fullness (just for different reasons). Not just that but protein will also increase your metabolism and help you hold on to more toned muscle during weight loss as it helps protect against the breakdown of muscle for energy.

Good srouces of protein should be included in every meal (at least a palm sized portion) such as lean meats, fish, eggs and even whey protein powders.



The stress hormone cortisol can be responsible for a reduction in energy burnt during the day.
Stress can make you gain belly fat by triggering the adrenal glands to produce cortisol, also known as the “stress hormone.”

It was also found that women who have a bigger waist also produce more stress hormone leading to a double whammy as research has shown that high stress levels can increase appetite (ever had the urge to binge eat on high sugar foods when stressed? – I know I do).

Therefore, it is vital that you engage in activities that you enjoy and allow                                                                                          you to de-stress.

6- High Sugar Foods

As mentioned above, stress creates a desire for high sugary foods, these are lacking in nutrients but contain high calorie values. What’s more, high sugar diets will leave you feeling hungry much quicker than high fat, or high protein therefore you’ll be reaching back into the cupboards much quicker and eating even more calories (and often you won’t even realise it).


7 – Weight Training

Despite the fat that it’s called weight training and most people want to lose “weight” most people avoid this type of training to reduce their weight. However, research shows that strength or weight training will preserve muscle mass (THE leading cause of a loss of independence).

Resistance training at high intensities can create a HUGE calorie deficit that allows your body to burn more calories for HOURS after the workouts finished. This is through an increase in muscle temperature, whilst having more toned, stronger muscle not only looks sexier, but also allows you to increase your metabolism to burn more calories when resting.

8 – Sleep.

Sleep is important for many health benefits including your weight. Research studies indicate that people who don’t get enough
sleep, or have poor quality sleep, end up eating more calories throughout the day and gain more weight.
Aim for 7 hours sleep per night to reduce the risk of over-eating (as a way to get more energy into our body).


9 – Avoid calories in drinks

Whether it’s fruit juices, fizzy drinks or even alcohol these calories add up and we don’t realise how much it’s making us gain weight.

Consuming calories in liquid form is even worse than high sugar foods, as our brain doesn’t realise we’re taking on calories and we don’t get full by having a can of coke etc.

To drop weight it’s best to avoid calorie drinks altogether, although it can be difficult in social circumstance to avoid alcohol we have some awesome mocktail recipes that are super low in calories, just email info@rhysperrett.com.


10 – To get where you want to be – you need to alter your lifestyle

You’re where you are right now because of decisions and actions you’ve taken that have got you here. If you wish to be
somewhere different we need to make the necessary adjustments in our lifestyle as well as our diet.

This is why we focus on habits here at Next Level Performance, and why most diets fail to create results.

Create positive habits like going for an evening walk instead of sitting in front of the tv, or reward yourself with actions or items that are calorie free.

If you would like help with any of these please feel free to contact us at info@rhysperrett.com or on our facebook page @NextLevelPerformance

14 Apr

The Vicious Cycle Of Yo-Yo Dieting

The Main Reason Most People Fail Achieving Their Goals

(and what you should do instead…)

Yo-yo dieting. You know the pattern: You lose weight then you gain it back. You lose weight again and then gain it all back. Over and over and over again.

Today I’m going to share with you the number one reason why people are constantly going on ‘yo-yo’ diets and restarting their programmes. It’s that time of year now where the majority of people will give up on their new year’s resolutions.


So why is this? Why do people always feel the need to start a new diet or training programme over and over again?


The answer’s simple…it’s because they aren’t seeing the results in their health and fitness they’d hoped for. 95% of people who start out on a diet will end up heavier than when they first started. And there’s hundreds of diet and health companies out there worth millions of pounds ( I won’t name any of them here) yet they’re failing to give people the results they want.


These diet ‘giants’ are promoting rapid results (which is what people want) however, if you’re trying to achieve a 2 year goal in 2 weeks, guess what’s going to happen? You’ll end up bouncing back and ending up worse than when you started.


You try to overhaul your entire lifestyle overnight because you’ve seen someone doing something similar on Facebook or Instagram. All the ‘inspiring’ photos of people plastered in filters. Yes, this is great for motivation but it can also have the opposite effect…

If you’re trying to overhaul your life and achieve your goals overnight, I’m sorry to tell you, you’re going to be disappointed.


In our gym we’ve got a quote on the wall that says the purpose of a goal isn’t to achieve the goal. It’s what the goal makes us as a person that counts”.

Achieving success and reaching your goals means you’re going to develop into an entirely different person. But this takes time. It takes time to become that new version of you.

The person you are right now isn’t the person you’ll be when you achieve your goal.


And this is where the confusion comes from…


People are trying to marry the two together and totally forgetting about the journey to their goal. It simply isn’t a sustainable way to live your life. It will leave you upset and on the constant lookout for new diets and training programmes to start.


So you want a sustainable way to reach your goals right?


And to do that we must take a step by step approach. That’s taking into account your daily habits when it comes to nutrition and exercise. Your goal should be to think about slowly improving these every-single-day. And that’s the answer if you want to truly achieve your health and fitness goals – it’s in the small steps each and every day.


One Degree Change At A Time


When you’re thinking about changing your lifestyle, think about small incremental changes. A great example would be that of a cruise liner. Imagine if that cruise liner was to change its course of direction by just one degree. It would end up at a totally different destination.


And it’s the same with your health and fitness goals.


All of your small degrees of change add up over time to make a massive change. Think about changing one tiny habit every single day – not only that, but sticking to it on a daily basis.


Let’s say for example you wake up 5-10 minutes earlier every day to prepare your lunch. That will have a massive impact over the course of your day. No longer will you be getting to lunch time and thinking “I’ve got to nip to the cafe for dinner” where you’ll pick up some unhealthy convenience food to fill you up. You’ll be ready and prepared for the day ahead.


And if you’re struggling with recipe ideas, then make sure you head on over to the Next Level Recipes Page Here. It’s packed full of delicious and nutritious recipes you can simply download and easily prepare for yourself.


Another little change you might think about making could be getting to bed half an hour earlier. Sleep is vitally important for repair and recovery of your body. The knock on effect of this little change alone is huge!


  • More energy for the following day

  • Feel fresh and ‘alive’ in the morning

  • Fully recovered and recharged


Making these little changes in your life isn’t just going to impact you… Think about how proud your family and kids would be of you for spending more time with them, having more energy and being ‘present’.

If you want to achieve your goals, whatever they may be, whether it’s weight loss, become a more confident person, or just tone up a little, you’re not going to get there as the current version of you right now.

It’s going to take small incremental changes in your lifestyle to create the new, more improved version of you.

Change One Habit at a Time. It Adds Up to Massive Results Over Time.

Let’s make 2017 the year you turn your life around and achieve your health and fitness dreams. Feel free to send me any questions to info@rhysperrett.com and I’ll get back to you.