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16 Oct

This is a VERY simple recipe can will allow you a little more protein into your snacks, as lets face it snacks usually consist of low nutrient value chocolate or crisps etc. at least with these there are added nuts, cranberries and protein to leave you feeling satiated for longer than a packet of crisps.

This recipe literally took me less than 5 minutes to mix and make, then I just left it in the fridge to set for roughly 30 minutes, ready to take to work either the next day or snack on during the evening.

12 Sep

Mistakes people make when losing weight…
diet1 Cutting calories too much.

Cutting calories to miniscule levels is the biggest way to ensure long term failure and yo-yo dieting. Yes you WILL get results but at what cost long-term. This method plays havoc with your body including your metabolism, hormones and reducing muscle mass (which is massively related to poor health in older populations).

22 Jul

Why low fat diets actually work and why they aren’t good for you.

In the first part of this blog we will be looking at low fat diets. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 50 years you would’ve heard an abundance of crazy diet guidelines (including from government backed schemes – pyramid diet anyone?). You may have even tried a few of them (ALL of my clients have tried more than 5 at least).

04 Jun

I recently spent a lot of time in the sunny warm climate of Eastern Australia and particularly Townsville which has been 24-26 degrees C at 7AM… (that’s hotter than most days in Runcorn in the UK summer) at sunrise, whereas in the Autumn in Australia it reaches 33 – 36 degrees C during the day.