5 Ways to Get Better Weight Loss Results From Your Running

STOP Running Yourself Into The Ground

Rhys Perrett here from Next Level Performance and today I want to talk about running.

It’s January and I’m seeing lot’s of people getting out in the cold, going running to hopefully lose weight.

I wanted to share with you my top 5 tips to better running. What do I mean by that? Well, I want to help you run so you can be as fit as possible as well as losing as much weight as possible.

So before I share the 5 tips, there’s hundreds of personal trainers out there all claiming different thing. That they’re different to everybody else. But, in reality, it’s really quite simple…

Yes, there’s hundreds of different kinds of running shoes you could buy, but what I’m going to focus on is your technique so you can get the most out of your exercise and be most efficient in doing so.

Let’s dive in…

One: Warm Up

Everything starts with a warm up. The most important part of a workout is the warm up. It gets you ready for your workout. It’s one of the reason why you’ll never do a running warm up in the gym because we’re not going to be running in the gym. Instead, we’re going to focus on movements related to running. Running drills are an excellent way to warm up.


Two: Skipping

Closely related to tip number one and another great way to warm up before running. You can buy a speed rope off Amazon for less than £5.00. Try doing rounds of 30 second intervals and build up going for as long as you can. It’s one of my favourite ways to get my muscles ready to exercise!


Three: Embrace Your Core

When doing your warm up and running, make sure you brace your stomach and upper body. Think like you’ve got a little child or dog…think about when they’re running and try to jump on your stomach and you tense your stomach. That’s the movement you want to practice. When running, it’s not possible to hold this brace position so think about holding your core 10-20% tight. It’s why you see many people running like sloths…because they don’t brace their core. Stand up tall.


Four: Work Your Glutes!

Your glutes are the largest muscles on your body. They’re responsible for expanding the hips and pushing forward. I’ve experienced many people having running injuries because their glutes haven’t been firing properly. A great way to get your glutes firing is by doing exercises such as the squat and hip bridge. They’re both fantastic movements which we teach at Next Level Performance too.


Five: Don’t Go Too Hard

Yes, you want to push yourself but the whole goal of running is to enjoy the experience.

Don’t run yourself into the ground. If it’s not fun, you’re not going to stick to it. Making exercise fun, again, is one of our key fundamentals at Next Level Performance for that very reason. We don’t want you to leave because you didn’t enjoy the experience!

We want to make exercise fun and enjoyable. At our Next Level Performance, everybody laughs at least once per session.

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s ready, go out there and implement these 5 simple steps to enjoy and get better results from your running.

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Have a great day,

Rhys Perrett,

Next Level Performance.