It’s Easy To Quit, It’s Harder To Succeed

Why I feel like quitting DAILY.

I get the struggle of trying to achieve something with our lives! It’s tough going, especially when everybody is tempting you to go the opposite way. The pressure to be just like them and stay exactly where you are right now, not moving forwards, not getting better, not leaving them behind or showing them up with what can be done in the right mindset. This is why it’s easy to quit and why so many people give up failing to achieve their goals.

The thing is, we’re not doing it for these people, we’re doing it for ourselves, for our family and to inspire our children to maximise their lives. These people who want to hold us back are not helping our situation. It can be difficult to plough through these situations and continue to move forwards. More often we’re sat wondering how we lapsed on our progress in the situation, but it’s rarely the fault of our own. In order to out-stay these temptations our motivation has to come from a much deeper place (see 7 reasons why article) than the superficial.

The Struggle Is Real

Most days I consider jacking everything in, getting rid of the gym and getting a ‘proper’ job as my parents and those around me once called it (probably in a call centre or something as that’s where I’ve been before). The struggle to achieve your goals is most definitely real. Whether your goal is weight loss, strength, fitness or like mine in creating a successful business (alongside my body & fitness goals). Each DAY there’s a set-back, there’s a kick in the ‘balls’ that takes the wind out of you.

Whether it’s a business software issue or a client issue struggling to take the right actions to get results. It could be some ‘hater’ online that’s talking crap about other trainers trying to do well, or trainers trying to build up their own ego’s by knocking down other trainers. Yes, some junior trainers may be miss-guided (maybe instead of calling them all kinds and de-motivating the rest of the good quality trainers you should keep your damn mouth shut) as my mum said “if you’ve got nothing good to say, keep your mouth shut!”

Y’see I’ve seen this first hand, hell I’ve even done this before. As years go by you grow up and learn and realise that the only thing that’s happening by calling other trainers, is keeping those who have something good to say quiet, because we didn’t have the balls to say out loud – just in-case things were taken the wrong way.

What I’m trying to say is, like you on your diet having friends try to persuade you to have another drink or saying “you look great just enjoy the cake” trying to make themselves feel even less guilty in having it. I have set backs and things trying to pull me down DAILY like your work colleagues, friends or family may be pulling you back from your goals.

Where Would Giving Up Get Us?

If I were REALLY to let all the crap get to me I wouldn’t be here writing this. I’d be living a life without influencing or motivating anybody. The same way you wouldn’t achieve anything if you didn’t take action on your goals. You’ll stay where you are eating the cake and unlimited drinks, and continue to be un-motivated by the day-to-day, struggling to find purpose or even to live for YOU, instead hiding behind your children, your job or whatever other excuse you could muster up. I’m doing this FOR my future family, so that they can have better, I want to be fit, strong and mobile to be able to have ZERO limitations on what I can do with my kids… Children love superheroes, and I’ll be damned if I’m not my child’s biggest superhero!!!

If I were to give up on my goals, where do you think I’d end up, I’d be a disappointment, I’d be working the struggle instead of bringing up my children and living a life full of inspiration.

Getting back up is not an option, it’s THE ONLY option, because of what I’ve set my personal beliefs as.

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