Strength & Conditioning for Weight Loss


Why we do a strength and conditioning protocol at our fitness facility for our clients – especially for our weight loss clients.

At Next Level Performance, we do strength sessions twice a week and conditioning sessions twice a week too. So it’s a broad range as well as a full range of fitness volume. Our goal is we want people to firstly move well so we can prevent injury.


We use the fitness and conditioning because we want people to be fitter and healthier. Both aspects work together because we’re working different energy fields when it comes to both strength and overall fitness. Not only is this great for your overall health, it’s going to benefit your weight loss goals too.


We do this so you can achieve the best results with your health and fitness by maximising what you’re doing in our sessions. See, we’re not just a one dimensional gym. We are completely 4 dimensional. We take all our clients through mobility drills that work alongside the strength and conditioning. Add recovery to that and you’ve got yourself one well rounded program that will give you the best results.


Most commercial gyms (I believe) are one dimensional. The classes are basically exercise to music along with the typical body toning groups.


We are totally different.


We’ve got a full range of dimensions we work towards so we can help you improve not only your results, not only your weight loss but also your posture, movement patterns and above all, keep you injury free.


We help you to work and move pain free.


Lot’s of people come and see us because they’ve got injuries or pain in certain joints or certain places in their body. We help people by making sure they remain pain free so they can fully enjoy their lifestyle.


What does no pain mean to you?


No pain means no restrictions on yourself or your movement so you can do more of the things you love


We help you to reduce your pain so you’re able to train consistently to achieve your goals. Becuase without consistent activity and training, you’re not going to be able to reach your goals and dreams.


Not only do we make our training fun (which any training should be), we have such a great community of people to keep you motivated, wanting to come back and stay consistent working towards your goals. This is the best way we’ve found to give our clients maximum results.


Not only do we want you to come to the gym and do the sessions,  we want you to be able to do all the things you love in life – pain free.


Whether it’s walking, picking your kids up, going for a jog or going cycling. It doesn’t matter what it is. If you’ve got injuries or pain, they’re going to hold you back from maximum enjoyment.


If you’d like any questions on what we do specifically, whether it’s about technique sessions and how we coach our clients, nutrition or personal training programmes, please reach out and feel free to message me. You can leave a comment below this post or message me direct on facebook.


Have a great day,


Rhys Perrett.

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